The Art And Artistry of the Ohio Statehouse by Dayna Jalkanen

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"The Ohio Statehouse, located in Columbus, Ohio, is a beautiful building with a fascinating history.  Completed in 1861, it still serves as the functioning state capitol and the seat of Ohio's state government.  However, it is also a historical architectural marvel, and it houses a significant collection of art under the care of the Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board.  The Art and Artistry of the Ohio Statehouse delves into the art collection at the Statehouse and the artistic features of the iconic Greek Revival capitol.  The people of Ohio, its tumultuous politics, its role in war and its accomplishments in peace are highlighted in the artworks addressed in these pages.  And while the story written here is quintessentially Ohioan, readers from all states and countries will relate to the greater human spirit that shines through in the art and artistry found within the walls of the Ohio Statehouse."
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