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Glenn Ave Soap

Glenn Ave Beer Soap

Glenn Ave Beer Soap

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Inspired by an appreciation for craft process (and an equally deep appreciation of delicious beer) our line of collaboration beer soaps features some of our favorite local breweries. Paired with complementary Essential Oil and Natural Fragrance blends, each beer influences the color of the soap differently, while the carbs and sugars help create a rich, silky lather.

Brewdog Elvis Juice: Sweet Orange, Pink and White Grapefruit, Canadian and Siberian Fir Needle!

Seventh Son: The Scientist IPA paired with tart and sweet Grapefruit, Mango & Honey Dew

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing: Driftwood IPA paired with Vanilla Black Currant

Sideswipe: Squashing Pumpkins Ale paired with tangy Spiced Orange

Mad Moon Craft Cidery: Bad Blood Orange Cider paired with sweet and juicy Mango & Papaya

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