President McKinley: Architect of the American Century by Robert W. Merry

President McKinley: Architect of the American Century by Robert W. Merry

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Lively, definitive, eye-opening, President McKinley by acclaimed historian Robert W. Merry brilliantly evokes the life and presidency of William McKinley, cut short by an assassin. Most often lost in the shadow of his brilliant and flamboyant successor, TR, the twenty-fifth president is presented by Merry as a transformative figure, the first modern Republican.

It was president McKinley who established the United States as an imperial power. In the Spanish-American War he kicked Spain out of the Caribbean; in the Pacific he acquired Hawaii and the Philippines through war and diplomacy; he developed the doctrine of "fair trade"; he forced the "Open Door" to China; and he forged the "special relationship" with Great Britain. McKinley established the non-colonial imperialism that took America Global. He set the stage for the bold leadership of Theodore Roosevelt, who built on his accomplishments.

President McKinley brings to life a sympathetic man and an often overlooked president. Merry raises his rank to a chief executive of consequence who paved the way for the American Century.


“A deft character study of a president.”—The New York Times Book Review

“A valuable education on where America has been and, possibly, where it is going.”—National Review

"One of the country's most underappreciated and unknown presidents finally gets his due in this lively, deeply researched, and richly informed biography of the twenty-fifth occupant of the nation's highest office, William McKinley. Merry has written a gem of a book that will gratify any political junkie or fan of his presidential history." -Karl Rove, author of The Triumph of William McKinley

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