Recipe for Joy by Robin Davis

Recipe for Joy by Robin Davis

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There were three things food writer Robin Davis promised she would never do: she would never move back to Ohio, she would never get married, and she would never join an organized religion. Never say never! Today, Davis lives back home in Ohio, is a wife and stepmother, and is a practicing Catholic.

In 'Recipe for Joy', she shares her stories of food, faith, and family life, and discovers that food is the language she can speak when stepping into unfamiliar territory.

'Recipe for Joy' tells Davis’s story of recognizing God’s plan, doubting it, and then discovering why God’s plan is her newfound path. The stories in Recipe for Joy are grouped by themes based on the courses of a meal, and each chapter ends with a recipe inspired by the theme. Recipe for Joy reveals that food and faith can go hand in hand and that God uses people (and some really good meals) to bring us into a closer relationship with God.

Paperback 148 pages

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