2023-2024 Souvenir Bags/School Bags

For Information or Questions regarding School Bag Orders

Please Contact us:

Phone: 614-728-9234

Fax:     614-728-9775

Email:   museumshop@ohiostatehouse.org

Mail:    Statehouse Museum Shop

                  1 Capitol Square

                  Columbus, OH 43215

Plan a visit to The Statehouse Museum Shop
Preorder Souvenir Bags


           We are excited you have chosen to visit the Ohio Statehouse. The Statehouse Museum Shop has many items for sale to commemorate your group’s trip. We would like advance notice if you plan to visit the store so we can schedule sufficient staff to help your group.  Please allow a minimum of 15 minutes for students to shop and be sure to have at least one chaperone for every ten children.  (We only have two cash registers.)

           We do offer an alternative to a store visit. We have 3 different Souvenir Bags that may be ordered in advance, picked up and paid for on the day of your visit.  These bags are a great value and can assure that each student takes home a memento without the pressure of having to make a decision or carry extra money. Prices for souvenir bags and custom bags do not include tax.  Bags are not available for sale in the store.  They must be pre-ordered in advance.

           Please choose no more than two different bags per group and order at least 5 days before your tour.  Orders may be placed by phone, fax, email or by mailPlease allow an extra week for orders you have sent in the mail.  If necessary, we will substitute an item if it is no longer available, with a comparable item.  Please call 614-728-9234 or email at museumshop@ohiostatehouse.org to confirm your order has been received.

Payment for orders will be collected when you pick up bags at the Museum Shop. Payment must be made with cash, check, or credit card. Please, only one form of payment will be accepted for each order.  Thanks for your cooperation.


2023-2024 School Year


Bag 1 (#200264)

Ohio Symbols Paper Bookmark

“I Visited the Statehouse” Pencil

Ohio Seal Button

Statehouse Postcard

                                                            Your Price $2.00                    



Bag 2 (#200265)

Mini Ohio chocolate

Ohio Flag Pen

Wooden Ohio Nickel

Ohio Motto Pencil

Statehouse Revival Postcard

                                                            Your Price $3.25                    


Bag 3 (#200266)

Statehouse Patch

Candy Buckeye

Ohio Flag

House Chambers Post card

Senate Chamber Post card



                                                            Your Price $5.75                    





Phone 614-728-9234

Fax     614-728-9775

Email   museumshop@ohiostatehouse.org

Mail:  Statehouse Museum Shop

                 1 Capitol Square

                 Columbus, OH  43215

We have priced some items specifically for you; so if you come into the shop, prices may be slightly higher.

  We will be happy to assemble custom bags for you. Please call the Statehouse Museum Shop at 614-728-9234

Please order no more than two different bags per group.

  Please fill out the form and email to museumshop@ohiostatehouse.org   Any questions, please call (888)644-6123 or (614)728-9234. Please do not pass out copies of this list to your students as these prices are special for preordered bags.  Prices on some items are slightly higher in the store.  We reserve the right to replace any items in a bag that may be out of stock with items of equal value. 

 Click Here for Souvenir Bag Order Form

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