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Birdhouse Face Plate Hanger

Birdhouse Face Plate Hanger

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Every birdhouse is unique! These particular birdhouses are wall art made to hang as decoration and not a functional use. 

Lisa and Nick started making birdhouses out of found parts in 2017 as a hobby.  Lisa does the painting and assembly and Nick does the cutting.  They are always looking for pieces and parts at flea markets and antique stores as well as garage sales and car shows...wherever they can find them.  They are always looking for license plates too.

Birdhouses by Lisa and Nicholas Barr

Lisa is a teacher with Columbus Public Schools and Nick works for Georgia Pacific in Lancaster.  They reside in Ashville, OH.

Please note that the birdhouse can be cleaned out by removing the screws in the roof.

Currently available is Dark Blue, Light Blue Narrow, and Light Blue Wide.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call the shop with any questions. (614)728-9234

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