The Longest Raid of the Civil War (Softcover) by Lester Horowitz

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By Lester Horowitz

The Longest Raid of the Civil War was a grueling ride on horseback for over 1000 miles through four states beginning in McMinnville, Tennessee to West Point, Ohio. General Morgan began his raid with over 2500 cavalry and surrendered in Columbiana County with about 350 men remaining.

The raid was the northernmost penetration of the Confederacy into the Union North. In all, Morgan's Med raided 6576 homes and shops north of the Mason-Dixon line.

The real achievement of the book is that it is told via actual documents, letters, newspaper accounts, family records and keepsakes, old photos and oft-told tales. In so doing, Horwitz gives the reader a captivating window into the times and personalities of both the people AND the events.

456 pages

Soft Cover